General overview

We are foremost a law office devoted to commercial and contract law and court disputes. We provide legal assistance service to the clients mainly in the below listed sectors. If you do not find the field of interest in the following list, please address us with the inquiry about the possibility of providing legal assistance in the sector of your interest. Please ask about more detailed experience and references by e-mail.

Commercial law

We provide legal assistance to our clients in establishing the organization fit for specific business activities, preparing contracts required for that purpose, purchase and sale of companies, creating business plans and their financing schemes and finding financial sources. We have successfully advised several large and complicated acquisition and restructuring projects of companies. Also, we assist in conducting meetings of the management and supervisory boards and general meetings of shareholders. We attend to business with notaries and commercial registry on your behalf and name. We consult and represent clients in bankruptcy and reconstruction procedure, we also provide assistance in debt or company restructuring. We also deal daily with the issued related to regulating the relations between the shareholders, settlement of disputes and liability of managing bodies. Thereby we have acquired skills to have effective cooperation with other service providers (auditors, financial advisers), as the employees have priorly worked in the law offices having close cooperation with auditing companies (Deloitte ja Rödl & Partner and BDO).

Right of obligation

Obligations mainly arise from the contracts to be concluded between the parties, but can also occur from unlawful causing of damage, unjustified enrichment etc. At the conclusion of any contracts each work stage from starting the negotiations up to development of draft agreements and preparation of finished document could be of decisive importance in achievement of aims of the contract parties. To achieve the set objectives it is extremely important to involve lawyer already at the beginning stage of negotiations who would monitor that all legal aspects were recorded in the contract based on your interests. We provide you legal assistance service in preparing the contracts under the law of obligations and settling the questions of dispute resulting from the contracts and other obligations. We have been involved in advising large-scale sale, service, contract and marketing contracts and creating integral e-commerce related documentation.

Tax and customs law

We assist clients in taxation issues of Estonia, European Union as well as third countries in different sectors. We represent the client at the tax authority as well as in court. We have experience in tax planning sector and in disputing the different decisions of tax authority. We assist in applying for deferral of the tax payment and holding negotiations with tax authority.  We also prepare the applications of binding preliminary ruling and perform tax audits. The employee of our office has successfully represented the client in the first Estonian court dispute in the question referred for a preliminary ruling and achieved significant win with the meaning of precedent in Supreme Court. We are also experienced in creating tax-saving call options for managing employees.

We possess extensive contact network for the provision of international tax planning service and major experience in practice of application of economic interpretation rule. We are highly experienced in holding customs legal disputes (we have also prepared applications of biding tariff information). We regularly collaborate for the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation and deliver lectures on tax law in Tartu University and at the different trainings meant for the entrepreneurs.

Real estate and environmental law

We consult our clients in legal issues related to planning, development and construction, including real estate development and transactions. We attend to business with notaries for your behalf and name. We are greatly experienced in advising the procedure of detailed plans and settling of planning disputes. We have represented real estate developers as well as local municipalities in concluding the agreements of large-scale developments and in the related disputes.

We daily consult the clients in the issues regarding lease relationships and construction contracts and we have know-how of real estate sector. We have also great experience in settling the questions of dispute related to neighbourhood rights (e.g. servitudes) related to registered immovable properties. Also, we have been involved in numerous processes and disputes of environmental law (incl environmental impact on the topics of strategic assessment) and the employees of our office have achieved victorious landmark decisions of environmental law in Supreme Court. We advise our clients in applying for the usage and waste permits and in preparing other necessary environment-related documents. Also, we have considerable competence in the legal issues regarding forestry.

Intellectual property and IT

We advise clients in the issues related to patents, trademarks, copyright, data protection, business secret etc. We help in specification, protection of intellectual property and improvement and preservation of its value. We assist clients in preparing necessary contracts (licence agreements and author’s contracts) and we represent clients in court. We have successfully represented clients in trademark disputes and daily consult the foreign organizations representing performers by the Estonian Performers Association. Also, we have know-how and experience in specific legal issues of IT sector and within the frames of software development.

Financial law

We have advised different credit institutions within our practice at the different regulatory topics. Also, we have consulted financial institutions both in supervision procedure and also helped to prepare the standard terms of different financial instruments. Also, we have prepared legal opinions in complicated issues regarding financial and tax law and settled issues related to guarantees. We have also had contact with providers of innovative tax solutions and joint fund platforms and e-money (e.g. Bitcoin) topics.

Labour law

We consult both employers and employees in all questions related to labour law. We provide you labour law related consultations and preparation of documentation related to employment relationships (employment contracts, internal work procedure rules, job descriptions, collective agreements, occupational safety requirements, matters related to disciplinary liability etc). Also, we represent clients in Labour Inspectorate, labour dispute committees and court. Our employee delivers lectures on labour law in Tallinn University of Technology.

Administrative law and regulated sectors

We represent clients in state and local government authorities, challenge procedures and we prepare documents required for the mentioned procedures. Also, we have consulted and represented numerous local government units and state bodies on different administrative law topics and disputes. We are experienced in settling the disputes of state and local government and in civil service sector. We have know-how in dealing with topics of state liability as well as in settling the disputes originating from the times of land reform and privatisation. We have for example consulted several wind energy companies, medical companies and waste operators in regulatory questions. We have also represented different foreign investors in communicating with state and local government.

Economic criminal law

We consult companies and their managing bodies related to economic criminal law. We have successfully protected clients in tax frauds as well as advised within the topics regarding the liability of the member of the management board. As a result of expansion of economic criminal law the standards of different legal sectors – e.g. public procurement, tax, competition, and intellectual property right – can be easily violated within contemporary complicated business activities, by committing sometimes offence without even recognizing it. We represent our clients in misdemeanour as well as criminal procedure, but also prepare criminal complaints and represent victims in collecting damages.

Public procurement law

We consult suppliers in preparing procurement terms and tenderers in preparing tenders and dispute questions. We represent the client in the dispute committee of public procurements and courts.

Insurance law

We consult both insurers and policy holders in preparing contracts and represent client in court. We assist clients in different fields of insurance and re-insurance, such as traffic insurance, construction insurance, liability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance etc.

Competition law

We advise clients in competition law questions regarding foremost market situation, legal specification of market governing entrepreneur and special rights and unfair competition. We consult companies in establishing joint company, mergers and acquisition transactions.

We prepare the complaints and applications needed for the protection of your rights and represent you in the Competition Board.